About Us

Moving Forward Podiatry was established in 2017 by principle podiatrist Matthew Christie. Following a long successful career providing lower limb health services to some of the UK and Australia’s most disadvantaged populations, Matthew has gone about putting together a blueprint for the provision of great lower limb health care. Matthew’s vision and values are guided by principles laid out in the Declaration of Human Rights, that excellent health care should be available to all……

For further insight in to the guiding principles that Moving Forward Podiatry operates in accordance with, please read this article published by
The Council of Homeless Persons

Matthew Christie – Principle Podiatrist

BSc (Hons) Podiatry University of Southampton
Affiliations: SMA, AAPSM, AHRPA, APA

A good start to the day can be as simple as getting off on the right foot. Matthew’s passion is the treatment of lower limb pain and mobility restricting conditions, so you can go about your passion pain free, one step at a time.

A career spanning more than ten years has seen Matthew coordinate the provision of podiatry services with a number of institutions and evoked notoriety in his field through his work with the NHS, Homeless Services Victoria, Victorian Aboriginal Health Service, Polio Victoria, St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne, The Royal Melbourne Hospital, Reclinc Australia, and the Royal Flying Doctors Service.

When Matthew is not engrossed in all things podiatry, he likes to spend his time between high intensity training, boxing, organic farmers markets and hiking throughout the greater QLD region.


What Matthew does best:

  • Managing lower limb pain, mobility and health concerns secondary to chronic disease (Diabetes, Stroke, Circulatory Disease & Arthritis)
  • Managing lower limb pain, mobility and health concerns in the active (gym user, athlete, recreational athlete and healthy lifestyle seekers)
  • Managing lower limb pain, mobility and health concerns of children (aged 3-13)
  • Pointing you in the right direction to the people who can help you the most!

Courtney Evans – Practice Manager

Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Hons) – University of Qld

A background in healthcare alongside her methodical, practical application of process implementation has been the basis for Courtney’s success in the role of Practice Manager for Moving Forward Podiatry. Courtney’s ability to turn the chaos of Principle Podiatrist Matthew’s thought process and general organisation into a well navigated path, allows Matthew to concentrate on delivering a great podiatry service.

Courtney is an intelligent, articulate individual with a great love for literature. When she isn’t reading fiction, she’s reading biology and physics or satisfying her lust for cats and dogs on the RSPCA adoption page.


What Courtney does best:

  • Ensures you are sat down receiving treatment for all your lower limb health concerns at the clinic best suited for your care
  • Explains all the information you need to know prior to your appointment (clients have often been known to choose our service based on their telephone interaction with Courtney alone)
  • Manages Moving Forward Podiatry
  • Manages Matthew (something achieved by very few during his life)


Assistant to the Practice Manager

Wilbur is the newest addition to the team at Moving Forward Podiatry & Orthotics. He may not be able to contribute to your clinical treatment, but he certainly adds a level of chaos and entertainment to the clinical space. Wilbur is friendly and wants nothing more in life than to receive pats and attention from our clients as they come into the clinic.


What Wilbur does best:

  • Retrieves treats from his Kong toy
  • Alerts the clinic of when the postman has arrived

Healthier Feet, Healthier You