Diabetes & My Feet

It is estimated that 1.7 million Australians have diabetes and 4,400 amputations that occur every year in Australia are as a result of having the disease.  Did you know that amputations are preventable and the risk factors that increase your chance of amputation can be detected in your annual diabetes foot check.
diabetes and my feet

Diabetic Foot Checks Look At

  • Your Circulation: Making sure you have adequate blood supply from your heart to your toes
  • Your Nerves: Making sure your protective pain responses can still let you know you have injured your foot
  • Your Skin: Making sure your body’s barrier to bugs is in the best possible condition
  • Deformity, Mobility and Function: Crooked toes, pressure sores and unbalanced walking can leave you at risk

If you are diabetic and have not had your yearly foot check, speak to your GP and book today!

Healthier Feet, Healthier You